Wayne McGregor: A choreographer’s creative process in real time.

This recent TED talk by choreographer Wayne McGregor really got me thinking about movement and the technicality of how we move and the intentions of how we move. In circus, sometimes the communication of ideas becomes bogged down by the technicality of whatever discipline we are performing. We build phrases of a number, but sometimes we forget to incorporate the idea that we wish to portray. Some of the best act’s I’ve ever seen have such maturity in the way that they communicate the intention in their movements, as well as their technical elements. It’s something that I think we can all improve on and never stop working on. So I urge you, and I urge myself, to continue pushing, and researching, and expressing. Think outside of the box and try every different combinations of ways you can communicate. You never know what you will be able to find.

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  1. pretty cool!

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